Four Star Review on Reader’s Favorite – Exposed by Rage

Reviewed by Jessyca Garcia for Readers’ Favorite

Exposed by Rage by Sherrel Lee is a murder mystery that takes place in
Plano, Texas. Ashley Dix Gibson escaped life in Plano by joining the
military, but when she returns to visit her best friend, she finds a lifeless
body. She quickly teams up with Detective Michael DeMarco to solve the
brutal murder. When another murder occurs, they have to work quickly to
find the potential serial killer, all the while fighting their attraction to each

Reading Exposed by Rage made me feel as if I was watching an old
detective show where the detective was talking directly to me. Ashley is a
tough woman with a sarcastic attitude. I liked how she was brutally
honest with her thoughts. A few times in the story I had unanswered
questions after a scene, but it was as if Lee could read my mind and
would answer my questions in the next scene. The relationship between
Ashley and DeMarco was a little predictable, but I was surprised at how
fast it actually happened. The story only takes place over a few days. As
for solving the mystery of the killer, I was close but I did not guess it right

Exposed by Rage does contain a few mild sex scenes. I liked that Lee
brought awareness to how people that work in the sex industry are not
respected when a crime occurs against them. If you like to read mysteries
and do not mind that this book is about the sex industry, then read it.

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