Exposed by Innocence – Cover Reveal



Two  young children found abandoned on the streets.  One hiding with runaways in an abandoned building.  The other shot and put in the trash to die.  

 Ashley Gibson and Michael DeMarco must once again partner to dig into the deepest, ugliest depths of the world of pornography.  This time the perverts are stealing and forcing children to perform abominable acts for them. These spawn of the devil  film and sell in the darkest corners of the internet without conscience–filled only with perverted lust and greed.

 The horrors of the investigation drives a wedge between Ashley and Michael as they fight to overcome their horror at the circumstances of the children.  They must use all their skills to find the purveyors of this dark world, and find a way to accept that the differences between them may tear them apart.   Can Ashley continue to support those who have chosen this alternative lifestyle?  Can Michael watch as Ashley is torn apart by the darkness that invades her home.

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