Sensual Pursuits Release DAy

I am excited to announce the

Release of theSensual Pursuit Series

Join Dani, Aiden and Raylan as they explore their deepest fantasies and discover what they really want.

Deadly Bequest, Book 1:  Dani Brant believes there is no right or wrong in love. 

Dani is no innocent young woman instead, she is a lifelong voyeur seeking erotic experiences, she knows are available to those brave enough to explore them. As the murder  of her Uncle is investigated, her desire for Aiden and Raylan grows to the point she does not want to let either of them to go.

Dangerous Desires, Book 2: Exploring new erotic avenues, Dani, Rayland and Aiden are on the hunt for human traffickers.
Children are being stolen from the streets and sold to traffickers after they are taken to a newly established BDSM club, for training. Dani and Aiden go undercover exploring the world of bondage domination and masochism, while on the hunt for the children.

The Sisterhood, Book 3: Still in the honeymoon stage of their love affair Vonn’s love for Cyn is put to the test.
The newest members of Westmoreland, Meeks and Brandt Investigations  are sent undercover to a local private college where students have come together to explore their sexuality.  Thrust into a world of depravity and intrigue. The students are uncooperative, and the club they formed has demands that makes Vonn wonder if her relationship with Cynthia is strong enough to withstand the challenge.

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